Journey in Turiya @ Moogfest 2017

My sound installation "Journey in Turiya" was part of Moogfest 2017 in Durham, NC. I redesigned the tones using the digital version of the Moog Model 15 and tuned it for this new space (above Loaf bakery in the former Carrack location downtown). I used more wattage and more speakers this time, and the vibe was very present. The sound of the piece evokes the timbre of the chant and Coltrane’s synth-infused Wurlitzer organ. A sequence of tones — F-A-C (for Alice Coltrane) — relate in different sonic ways in proximity to the three illuminated corners of the room. The upward-facing triangles symbolize Shiva and dissolution of the earthly plane. The floating harp case in the center of the room refers to Alice (and John), and ascendance towards the cosmic beyond. 

The piece was open every day of the festival, and made it into one of Moogfest's official daily dispatches:


2012 installation by Yuxtapongo for Hopscotch. Community-generated installation of music-related clothing on a 70-foot gallery wall at CAM, Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum. Explores identity within a culture of sound.  

Assembled by Yuxtapongo: 

Eleanor Blake 
  Mollie Earls
Lincoln Hancock
Neill Prewitt
Robin Vuchnich

All clothing donated by the Hopscotch Community — bands, friends and fans — including: 

All Day Records, Amanda Saxe Barr, Birds Of Avalon, Jon Bowman, Bull City Records, Lauren Carter, Vince Carmody, Kevin Clark, Scott Craddock, Skip Elsheimer, Katrina Lamberto Elsheimer, Sarah Fuller, The Future Kings of Nowhere, Drew & Olivia Griego, Andy Heymann, Bryan Hoffman, Liz Johnson, Cheetie Kumar, Ron Liberti, Alexis Mastromichalis, David Mueller, Neptunes, Sara Phoenix, Molly Renda, Eric Roehrig, Tannis Root Productions, Schoolkids Records, Jenny Schneider, Paul Siler, Ben Spiker, Nicole & Les Stewart, Sarah Tector, Teddy, Michelle Temple, Missy Thangs, Jolee Todd, Ginger Wagg, and Napoleon Wright.


New Year, New Stuff

As 2012 begins, I'm looking forward to new opportunities and savoring some of the brighter spots of last year. 

Big news first: I'm excited to announce I have been selected as one of two 2012 Regional Emerging Artists in Residence for the winter/spring at Artspace in downtown Raleigh. I'll be as much of a fixture there as time allows from January to June. My studio will be on the second floor, adjacent to the other Artist-in-residence, Sarah West. This residency, truly, is an honor, and I hope I can do it justice. Many of the artists who have held this residency in the past are folks I respect a whole lot.

I'm also involved in two shows happening now, one of which opens Friday at the beautiful new VAE space on W. Martin Street. Contemporary South should be a rad one — it was juried by Xandra Eden of the Weatherspoon in Greensboro, and the theme is near and dear. 

Meanwhile, a selection of work from the past three years is on view in a two-person show with Luke Miller Buchanan at the Betty Ray McCain Gallery in the Performing Arts Center in downtown Raleigh. If you're there to see the symphony or another performance, I hope you can check it out — it runs through February.

A couple other recent things worth mentioning — Neill Prewitt and I collaborated with The Hot @ Nights at Flanders Gallery. Matt Hedt helped us document it, and the videos are pretty durn good. The Hot @ Nights are a fantastic band, and super dudes, and Flanders was really sweet to put this on.

Yuxtapongo worked on video projections for the ultra-Halloween bash at CAM in October:  


X-tra fun night. 

But a huge part of 2011 for me was the Dream Acts community art project I did with Neill Prewitt and Eleanor Blake. We've just finished a documentary video about the project, which was made possible by a grant from the Town of Chapel Hill. (We presented a rough cut of this doc at the Visualizing Human Rights conference in November.) Through course of the project we made friends, contributed to alliances, and, I think, brought a little light to an extremely vital community too often misrepresented and overlooked. It was a hugely rewarding project and I think this work will continue in various ways. In fact, Eleanor was asked to join the Board of the Human Rights Center, so she's now a part of the very group that was our crucial liasion to the Abbey Court community.   

That's it for now — happy new year!