"i'll be your mirror"

Installation, 2013. Artspace Pop-Up, Raleigh, NC. Light, paint, vinyl lettering, vintage photographs and integrated sound. Dimensions variable.

This work explores the fitting room as a private, yet other-oriented, space where identity is often in flux. Lou Reed's lyric, “reflect what you are/in case you don’t know,” functions as both a suggestion and a question. Reversed text leads the viewer to read into the illusory space of the reflection. A series of found photographs from the portfolio of a fashion model evoke the presence of another, and the act of representing. The room responds to a visitor’s entrance, as vanity lights flicker on and textural echoes of a melody fill the space.

The song "I'll Be Your Mirror" points inevitably to Warhol, the Factory and the oft-fraught nexus of self/other, interior/surface, and celebrity psychodrama. Originally released in 1967 as the B-side of the single, "All Tomorrow's Parties," the song is, in a sense, a reflection of that A-side’s concern with an other-oriented construction of identity. In this installation, the song’s deconstructed melody haunts the viewer. The fitting room becomes an intimate space in which one might consider the relationship of appearance to identity, and consider the reflection as a potential locus of strength and possibility. 


2012 installation by Yuxtapongo for Hopscotch. Community-generated installation of music-related clothing on a 70-foot gallery wall at CAM, Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum. Explores identity within a culture of sound.  

Assembled by Yuxtapongo: 

Eleanor Blake 
  Mollie Earls
Lincoln Hancock
Neill Prewitt
Robin Vuchnich

All clothing donated by the Hopscotch Community — bands, friends and fans — including: 

All Day Records, Amanda Saxe Barr, Birds Of Avalon, Jon Bowman, Bull City Records, Lauren Carter, Vince Carmody, Kevin Clark, Scott Craddock, Skip Elsheimer, Katrina Lamberto Elsheimer, Sarah Fuller, The Future Kings of Nowhere, Drew & Olivia Griego, Andy Heymann, Bryan Hoffman, Liz Johnson, Cheetie Kumar, Ron Liberti, Alexis Mastromichalis, David Mueller, Neptunes, Sara Phoenix, Molly Renda, Eric Roehrig, Tannis Root Productions, Schoolkids Records, Jenny Schneider, Paul Siler, Ben Spiker, Nicole & Les Stewart, Sarah Tector, Teddy, Michelle Temple, Missy Thangs, Jolee Todd, Ginger Wagg, and Napoleon Wright.