I've got a new installation opening today at Artspace's Pop-Up location at North Hills in Raleigh. The Pop-Up is in a former dress store; this installation engages one of the fitting rooms. I've posted some photos here, but it's best experienced in person, not least for the audio component (which David Mueller and I developed). Open hours are 3–7 PM Thursday and Friday, 10 AM–2 PM Saturday. Through June 29.

Work continues on my installation for The Cube/VAE, which will be on view September/October. The piece is an homage to Alice Coltrane and explores the idea of transcendence through music. 


A few Heads on Sticks shows coming up, as well. This weekend at The Pinhook with Organos and The Lollipops; June 20 at Tir Na Nog in Raleigh with The Lollipops (for WKNC's Local Band/Local Beer sponsored series… it's a free show); and June 21 at The Cave in Chapel Hill with Airstrip.

Our new record, Phantasm in Tutu, will be out in August. 


Recently wrapped the artwork for the new album. Here's a peek at the cover. I'm excited about how it unfolds through the package and labels for the vinyl. I'm really enamored with this typeface called Macula, as well. (You might notice it makes an appearance in the Artspace installation.)

In June, I'll be attending 2013's DesignInquiry in Vinalhaven, Maine. I've wanted to do this for years and it's finally happening… I look forward to eating several lobsters and thinking about the idea of STATION (which is this year's theme). 

I'm also working this summer on an exhibition for the new Museum of Durham History. More to come on that front.