Journey in Turiya @ Moogfest 2017

My sound installation "Journey in Turiya" was part of Moogfest 2017 in Durham, NC. I redesigned the tones using the digital version of the Moog Model 15 and tuned it for this new space (above Loaf bakery in the former Carrack location downtown). I used more wattage and more speakers this time, and the vibe was very present. The sound of the piece evokes the timbre of the chant and Coltrane’s synth-infused Wurlitzer organ. A sequence of tones — F-A-C (for Alice Coltrane) — relate in different sonic ways in proximity to the three illuminated corners of the room. The upward-facing triangles symbolize Shiva and dissolution of the earthly plane. The floating harp case in the center of the room refers to Alice (and John), and ascendance towards the cosmic beyond. 

The piece was open every day of the festival, and made it into one of Moogfest's official daily dispatches: